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Men's and Women's shoes


Perfect fit and custom style.

The process


Handmade by Zoe in her Austin Studio. 

Zoe Rios


Bespoke Shoemaker and 

retired Pedorthist.

The Process


Design and last selection

After choosing the style and taking many measurements, a last is selected and adjusted to fit and flatter the foot. A simple mock-up of the shoe is made and tried on at the first fitting.



The shoe is built from the insole up.  The pattern is made and the leather is carefully stitched before being pulled into place. The shoe is tried on at the second fitting, before the sole has been added.  If adjustments are to be made an extra fitting might be required.


Soles and final fitting

There are a variety of soling materials to chose from depending on the shoe, including Italian leather and natural rubber. After the sole is added, it is allowed to cure, then polished and ready for pick-up.   

Zoe Rios

Fashion Design

Zoe is from Windsor England and studied fashion design in London before moving to the U.S.

Leather work and footwear construction

After moving to Waco, TX for her husband's career, Zoe did an apprenticeship at Uptmor Saddlery where she learned traditional leather work and boot making  from master boot maker Greg Carmack.  

Shoes and Pedorthics

Zoe began making shoes in 2007. In addition to being a respected shoemaker, she is a retired pedorthist. She specializes in fine leathers and hard-to-fit feet. Many of her customers suffer from various foot ailments and deformities, including hammer toes, bunions, neuromas, and general foot pain.

Zoe now lives and works in Austin, TX.

ATX Hackerspace



Instruction in sewing with industrial sewing machines and assistance with patterns available to ATX Hackerspace members.

Information on shoe making instruction upon request.

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At your first appointment, feel free to bring a pair of shoes that you like or don't like so that I can see wear patterns and problem areas.  You can also bring pictures and any other information to help me understand exactly what you are looking for.

Zoe Rios, Shoemaker

ATX Hackerspace, 9701 Dessau Rd Ste 304, Austin, Texas 78754, United States

512 431 2107


 By appointment only.